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Episode 97. Epilogue

  • Hello and Welcome to the History of the Copts. Episode 97. Epilogue
  • As I mentioned in our last episode – The goal here is give a broad overview of the political and social world of the Mamluks.
  • The Mamluks ruled Egypt – with brief interruptions from 1250 AD – all the way to 1805 AD – A really really long time.
  • Obviously I won’t attempt to go through everything – and to keep things reasonable – even this overview would end at 1517 AD – when the Ottomans conquered Egypt.
  • Just know – the Ottomans rule, more or less was theoretical. The Mamluks still ran the show, until Napoleon all but killed them – and Mohammed Ali – finished the job a few years after in 1805 AD.  
  • Now – to understand the Mamluks, there is a passage … Read more

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