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Episode 5- The bucolic war

  • Hello, and Welcome to the History of the Copts. Episode 5. The Bucolic war.
  • Last time, we started to see the power of the empire reaching its peak with Antonious pious and after his 22 years long reign, he was followed by his adoptive son, Marcus Aurelius
  • Marcus did all what anyone can, to keep the empire together, but unsustainable policies that predated him kept coming back to haunt the empire
  • What follows is the story of how an oppressed, and exploited people rose up under a charismatic leader against Roman rule
  • If the story of Spartacus, the soldier, turned slave, turned gladiator, turned repel have captivated and inspired many works of arts, then the story of Isidore, the Egyptian priest, turned repel would be its literary brother
  • Only if we have a little bit more solid historical information, … Read more

Episode 6- Origen and Demetrius

  • Hello and Welcome to the History of the Copts. Episode 6. Origen and Demetrious.
  • Today, the Coptic Church is synonymous with the Copts and forms the foundation of their identity out of which everything else flows,
  • The Coptic Church is the institution where the Copts looked for law, societal norms, and for so many centuries, education, so how did that become to me?
  • Of course, over the centuries multiple events and persons led to that development, one of those events and perhaps the first, is the story of how Pope Demetrious consolidated and expanded the Coptic church and as unfortunate byproduct, Origen, one of the most brilliant minds in Early Christianity was banished and excommunicated from the Coptic Church
  • It’s a story of how creativity and free thought clashed with tradition and a growing church trying to build a … Read more

Episode 7 - The Martyr Church

  • Hello, and welcome to the History of the Copts. Episode 7. The Martyr Church.
  • Last time, we saw how the Coptic Church under Pope Demetrious started the long journey of representing all strands of the Egypt’s society
  • That critical time was also a transition period for the Roman Empire, where the efficiency of governing was starting to slip and the army was calling the shots with the Senate as institution becoming irrelevant
  • The events that follows are known generally as the crisis of the third century, as it was a century of Roman decline, civil wars, and increasing misery for the average men and women living in the empire, including Egypt
  • The Coptic Church didn’t fare well also. Multiple intense persecutions took place, not only initiated and enforced by the government, but perhaps more damaging, spontaneous riots between Christians … Read more

Episode 8 - The beginning

  • Hello, and welcome to the history of the Copts. Episode 8. The beginning.
  • Last week we talked about how the emerging Coptic leadership dealt with external threats, I.E prosecution as the Coptic church was on its way to represent the inhabitants of Egypt
  • Pope Dionysius, skillfully managed to survive and lead his flock, while in the same time exult martyrdom.
  • In this, he equipped the Copts with the ideology necessary to survive their greatest threat thus far. Diocletian and Galerius –
  • The Copts in those formative years, dealt with two problems. External threats - that is prosecution.
  • And internal divisions, that is, heresies. Those two issues shaped the Copts as no other issues will ever do.
  • As taxation without representation, and the struggle against tyranny gave rise to America, then social and religious prosecution gave rise to the Copts
  • Read more

Episode 9 - The Last Martyr

  • Hello, and welcome to the History of the Copts. Episode 9. The last martyr.
  • Before we start, I have a small announcement. I have written an article about my vision for this Podcast and the Coptic identity. It can be found on
  • I also wrote about what I am trying to do and more importantly what I am trying to avoid throughout this Journey. I think it’s a good read to orient you to the Podcast, especially if you consider yourself a Coptic Voice also has a lot of excellent materials on all things Copt.
  • So, with this out of this way, as a reminder last time we stopped just before Diocletian famous edict in 303 AD that started the Great prosecution
  • For those who are not familiar with the Coptic cultural heritage, Diocletian in the Coptic conscious … Read more

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